Jericho March™: Calling All Patriots and People of Faith to the Church’s Jericho Moment to Save the Republic


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November 25, 2020

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Jericho March™: Calling All Patriots and People of Faith to the Church’s Jericho Moment to Save the Republic 

700,000 Already Engaged in the Daily Noon Jericho Marches at State Capitol Buildings for Election Integrity, Transparency, and Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Patriots, people of faith and all who want to take back America are joining prayer marches across the nation in efforts to shed light on the corruption of the 2020 presidential election and for election integrity and reform.

Jericho March™ ( calls upon people of faith to pray, fast, and peacefully protest in the service of God, and in defense of life, liberty, and justice. Jericho March™ is comprised of Judeo-Christians collectively praying for God to intercede, expose darkness, and bring about justice. Believers take their petitions to heaven, knowing that God answers prayers and can move mountains.

The Jericho March™ is biblically-focused on Joshua 6. Jericho was a city of false gods and corruption. Just as Joshua was instructed to march around the walls of Jericho seven times, Jericho Marchers™ pray, fast, and march at a specific place and time until darkness is exposed and the walls of corruption fall down.

The first Jericho March™ is the Election Jericho March™ and calls for election integrity, transparency, and reform to preserve free and fair elections in America for this generation and generations to come—free from any corruption or interference, both foreign and domestic. Since November 5, 2020 patriots and people of faith have gone every day at noon local time and circled their capitol buildings seven times in peaceful prayer and protest. The Jericho March™ has already engaged over 700,000 concerned people and they will continue circling their capitol buildings in all 50 states daily at noon, with a special emphasis on the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until December 14, 2020 when the Electoral College votes in Washington, D.C. The Jericho March ™ is a unified celebration of authentic and diverse Judeo-Christian forms of worship including praying, preaching, singing, rosary recitations, Eucharistic processions, and blowing shofars.  Individuals and groups involved in the Jericho March ™ are self-led.

The Election Jericho March™ also calls all patriots and people of faith to contact local, state, and national officials and demand full audits, that any and all fraudulent and illegal activities are exposed and that only legal votes are counted to reveal the true will of the American people in this election.

The Election Jericho March™ will culminate in a massive national peaceful prayer rally protest in Washington, D.C. on December 12, 2020 called “Let the Church ROAR!” where attendees will send a very clear message to national and state leaders as they hear patriots and people of faith roar in support of election integrity, transparency, and reform. The prayer rally will also feature national faith leaders, worship leaders and others.

The Jericho March™ ministry was born of a vision that an Evangelical and Catholic received independently of each other, to prayerfully protest and call on government officials to cast light on voter fraud, corruption, and suppression of the will of the American people in this election. The Jericho March™ co-founders are Rob Weaver and Arina Grossu, who are helping to coordinate efforts at the local and national level.

“Just as the Israelites circled the walls of Jericho until the walls fell, so we use peaceful means of protest until truth, transparency and justice prevail,” stated Weaver. “What’s at stake is the future of free and fair elections in our Republic. We seek true election reform to protect our American freedoms and the integrity of our election process. We believe that God has blessed America and will continue to bless her, if our people remain faithful to God’s call to holiness and repentance,” Weaver concluded.  

“It is time for the people of God to activate in unprecedented ways.  We have stayed silent for too long, but now the Church is rising up. Our God is mightier than any earthly power and He can restore truth and justice,” said Grossu. “This is also God’s call to unity in our Church. We are diverse in our Judeo-Christian beliefs and expressions, yet we come as one with childlike faith and trust in authentic worship of the One True God.”

First, Jericho Marchers™ bring their petitions before the Courts of Heaven which throughout the Bible exist to plead the case of the faithful and to seek justice before God the Father. Second, Jericho Marchers™ pray that the members of the earthly U.S. Supreme Court will judge with truth and justice. Third, through God’s acting power and the faithful’s public witness of prayers and fasting, Jericho Marchers™ hope to also affect the court of public opinion.

The Jericho Marchthanks Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, the planners of The Return, and countless faith ministries around the country that have joined its efforts for their support.

For more information, please visit and follow Jericho March™ on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, YouTube, Parler, and Trumpet. 


To interview a member of the Jericho March or for more information, contact [email protected], Jeff Tolson, 610.584.1096, ext. 108, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.

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